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Frequently Asked Questions

Are some strains of mold more dangerous than others?
Are you 24/7/365?
Can be water damage restoration process done fast?
Can I get my insurance to pay for my water damage?
Can I inspect my house after the fire?
Can you help with window and roof leaks?
Can you please give me a cost estimate to have two bathroom faucets installed. I already have the faucets, but four supply lines and drain pipes will needed. Thanks.
Can you sell a house with mold?
Categories of Water – What Are They?
Do I need to keep track of some of my non-restorable items for insurance company?
Do I need to vacuum before carpet cleaning?
Do you come to Fraser to clean out the heating ducts/ac in a townhouse?
Do you fix water damaged wood floors?
Do you have a free mold inspection?
Do you have any stain removers or protectants?
Do you move furniture when you clean carpet?
Do you no water dust mite cleaning of carpets for allergies to dust mites?
Do you offer any financing options?
Do you offer cleaning services?
Do you offer consultations?
Do you offer Covid cleaning services?
Do you offer dryer vent cleaning?
Do you offer fire damage restoration services?
Do you offer mold removal services?
Do you offer water damage restoration services?
Do you provide free estimates?
Do you provide service outside of Ann Arbor?
Do you provide services in both commercial spaces as well as residential?
Do you remove the damaged materials after fire damage or I need to do it myself?
do you repair ercol chairs
Do you restore granite countertops ??
Do you restore leather sofas, springs and cushions, need work
Do you serve Boston?
Do you serve Bristol County?
Do you serve Norfolk County?
Does homeowner’s insurance cover water damage and mold?
Does Horton plumbing do commercial work ? I have a restaurant project in canton mi.
Does my insurance cover mold removal?
Has SunGlo blocked you yet?
Hi. I have 3 bedroom and besmant and kitchen , how much teakin money please ?
How are the floors cleaned after the water & carpet is removed?
How can I ensure that my home is sanitized effectively before bringing my new baby home?
How can I properly disinfect my home to keep it sanitary during my pregnancy after someone sick has visited my home?
How can you decrease mold exposure?
How do I clean my dryer vent to prevent fires?
How do I fix crawlspace water damage?
How do I get rid of standing water in my house?
How does mold affect people?
How long do you need to dry and recondition my home?
How long does it take my carpet or upholstery to dry after a cleaning service?
How long have you been in business?
How much does it cost to fix water damage?
How much does Stanley Steemer cost and are there any current specials?
How to contact you, if my pipe is frozen?
How to prevent pipes from freezing?
I have discolorations on the wall, what should I do?
I need restoration after the flood. Can you help?
I noticed mold on my tiles on the floor. What is the best way to get rid of it?
I spotted a water stain on my ceiling, can I fix it myself?
If I have a tight budget, what can you recommend for mold removal?
In what ways can Water Damage my Bedroom?
Is it a good idea to hire a water damage restoration specialist?
Is mold removal covered by homeowners insurance?
Is the mold testing necessary?
Is the restoration process affordable?
Is there any possible way to completely eliminate mold from the inside of a home or office building?
I’ve been exposed to mold; What should I do?
Should I order mold inspection before I buy the new property?
Should I use bleach to get rid of mold?
Should I wear a face mask to prevent infection?
We have water damage from a burst hot water tank. Can you help?
What are some of the main causes of fire?
What are the effects of mold or poor air quality?
What are your prices on cleaning carpets and will this be safe for my dog ?
What areas of se michigan do you cover?
What Causes Mold in the Building?
What causes water damage?
What exactly is a sewer backup?
What happens and what are the effects when water floods my home or business?
What is black mold?
What is mold?
What is the definition of mold remediation?
What is the fastest way to dry my property?
What is your availability?
What is your water damage inspection process?
What kind of damage can water cause in my crawlspace?
What makes Bedroom Mold so dangerous?
What makes my Bedroom so susceptible to Mold Contamination?
What other cleaning services do you offer?
What should I do in a social setting if someone closeby is coughing or sneezing?
What to do if your plumbing has frozen?
What’s the best method to contact you if I have questions about fire damage restoration services?
What’s the best method to contact you if I have questions about mold removal services?
What’s the best method to contact you if I have questions about water damage restoration services?
Where can you find mold?
Where Did the Mold Come From?
Where does dust come from?
Where does mold grow in homes?
Where should I look for the mold first place?
Who do I talk to about getting statements of work and timelines?
Why are you not BBB accredited?
Why Is My Floor Buckling?
Why would anyone ask this place anything? They do as little as possible over the greatest length of time while accomplishing what their suggestions and ignoring yours as the homeowner. Only concerned with getting your signature on those checks.