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What Our Customers Say.

“Had a great experience with this company, they were very helpful and did great work! I would recommend them to everyone! All were great people from the boss and the crew!”

– Maureen Youngs

Ajaxx does it all These are the guys to call when there’s a home emergency Great company to work for also!! They have everything to get the job done right and done professionally !!!

– Chrissy Street

Thank you Ajaxx restoration. My water pipe bursted in the middle of the night, I called and Alex came and assessed the damage and even had a plumber to come in the middle of the night to take care of the leak and started the process of cleaning up. I am very appreciative of what he and his team has done. I’m glad there are companies that are still trust worthy and dependable. Thanks again from the Talley family

– Zack talley

We Work With All Major Insurance Companies Including But not limited too

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What makes Ajaxx Restoration special?

We are dialed in. 

For nearly a decade, we’ve continually refined our unique methods to fundamentally change the restoration process- you have no more headaches and no more worry! 

We reduce insurance and claims complexity, and help you make your home and business recovery a joy.

Perfected and pressure-tested by hundreds of customers on tons of projects, Ajaxx Restoration is the gold standard for a faster, easier, superior restoration.

what we do


Once the danger is over the cleanup begins. Fires can be disastrous but that is only the beginning of the potential damage, from the fire comes lasting smoke soot residue and more than likely you have water damage (and maybe) even mold to consider, from after the fire department puts out the fire.  Rest assured in these times of crisis the professionals at Ajaxx Restoration have years of experience and the specialized training needed to restore Fire Damaged homes.


Water and flood damage require you to act fast to mitigate the growing risk and damage from mold and fungi. Ajaxx Restoration will respond immediately bringing you the latest technologies and tools to restore your home or business. Our Professionals will closely monitor the drying to ensure that the structure is dry before working with you on further restoration needs.


According to NOAA Storms cost the US $148.4 Billion Dollars in Damages every year.  This is where Ajaxx Restoration comes in, for over five years we have delivered peace of mind in the midst of crisis.  Call us today and see for yourself why so many of our customers stay with us and tell their friends.


It’s important to act quickly when your home or office floods. Ajaxx Restoration can come right away with the right plumbing skills to clear a clog and get rid of water.


Mold is dangerous and breathing the spores can make many people very ill. Don’t risk your health call us for Ajaxx Restoration for Mold Remediation and Restoration today.  Mold and Fungi are a SERIOUS health Risks do not wait, call us now.


Your carpet & upholstery maybe the breeding ground and source of many forms of sickness. Ajaxx Restoration has complete professional cleaning services for every carpet and upholstery need whether for your home or business. Our tried and tested 4 step cleaning process ensures peace of mind deep clean to get your home and or business going again.


Call US for professional Duct Cleaning removal if:
You believe the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system (HVAC) is contaminated, The problem is a result of sewage or contaminated water, You’re experiencing health concerns or are worried that the Air Ducts are creating a problem in your home that could lead to  serious health issues.  Note: If you take care of it yourself, keep in mind that the dust and toxins can still be dangerous to your health.  Don’t Risk it!  Call US today: (734) 606-9312


When bad things happed to good people Ajaxx Restoration is there.  After law enforcement finishes crime or accident investigation, the restoration process can begin. Crime scene cleanup is a applied cleanup of blood, bodily fluids, and other potentially dangerous and infectious materials. It is also referred to as biohazard remediation, and forensic cleanup, because crime scenes are only a portion of the situations in which biohazard cleaning is needed our professionals will certify all results with you personally.  Questions? Call US today: (734) 606-9312


Our Restoration Company, Ajaxx Restoration, Is Here To Assist You During Some Of The Worst Times Of Your Life. We are here to help you RESTORE your life after a fire, flood, or mold infestation.